Health Market Analysis

This research was commissionedby Age Concern England from Tom Blackie & Mark McNestry to inform national Age Concern strategy and the positioning of Age Concern’s branded services in relation to the delivery of community healthcare to older people. The Analysis explored the direction of travel of current health policy and the responses and positions of commissioners and Age Concerns in relation to it. It identified opportunities for the expanded delivery of NHS-funded health care by Age Concerns.

A range of quantitative and qualitative research methods were deployed in the research to identify the scale and nature of new health market opportunities, Age Concern’s and its competitors’ relative positions in relation to those opportunities, and to inform ongoing analysis and marketing.

Methods comprised: literature review, survey of Age Concern organisations and groups, survey of commissioners, case studies, workshops. A substantial proportion of Age Concerns participated and almost one third of national PCTs.

Findings included: proportion of Age Concerns delivering PCT-commissioned services; proportion of those seeking to do so; views of the relationships with PCTs; broad range of Age Concern strengths; opportunities for the sharing of expertise and the pooling of resources; perceived obstacles to ACs reaching their full potential as mainstream providers; third sector organisations named most frequently as competition by Age Concerns and commissioners; reasons provided by commissioners regarding why this might be the case; proportion of commissioners saying whether there would be increased commissioning from the third sector; opportunities to inform service provision and priorities within the health care market.

An ongoing model of market analysis was suggested, a range of methods for ongoing data and information gathering were described, and a toolbox for ongoing Market Analysis provided.

Sixteen recommendations were made regarding positioning Age Concerns in relation to expanded health service delivery.

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